• Happy Valentine’s Day, in honor of Valentine’s Day we wanted to recreate the feeling of giving and sending lovegrams in high school.


    As such, we collaborated with Deanna from @deanna_first to create this collaboration.


    The sketch was inspired by our love for dinosaurs growing up (think "The Land Before Time", "Jurassic Park"), and the coloring was done by Deanna.  She is so good with coloring and spacing and added her signature lips to each dinosaur and throughout to give it her own touch.


    Of course, BE MINE is the most memorable saying on a Valentine heart candy, so naturally it made sense.


    Hope you enjoy and feel free to write your own message in the blank space and send to a loved one.


    Printed on 3.5" x 5" cardstock.

    *Colors may vary slightly when printed.

    **We are happy to handwrite a one sentence note and mail the lovegram for you to your desired address free of charge. When checking out please include what you would like us to write, and the mail to address, or email us at info@jawxjawshop.com.


    Deanna First x Jaw x Jawshop® Lovegram

    SKU: JFM200001 - Eggshell