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A main item of trade or production.

The All-Utility Short (AUS) or Utility Short (US) for short.  Style and comfort everyday.

Made with lightweight fabric imported from Japan, cut and sewn in New York's historic garment district.

Luscious Palm Leaves

All-Utility Short - Tennis v2


Staples Refreshed

This season, we continued tapping into the creativity of our community.

The All-Utility Short - Tennis v2 is the reborn version of our all time favorite short.

The creative process began this summer when we customized the shorts for our friends and

long-time muses Maddy Fass, Aemilia Madden, Bianca Nieves, and Dylana Suarez.

Each color combination is a reflection of their personality and style, and the pieces are named after them.


*Customize your own pair, each short will be one-off and made-to-order.

Luscious Palm Leaves

Three-Pocket Boxer Short



A type of undergarment typically worn by men.

So named after the shorts worn by boxers, boxers come in a variety of styles and design but are characterized by their loose fit.

Made with non-stretch fabric imported from Korea, cut and sewn in New York's historic garment district.

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