What is Options™

Options™ started as a fun side project focused on making clothes at more inexpensive prices and getting our friends in them.  What started as a play on words, "It's the option to Jaw x Jawshop®", became a reality one night over a bottle of tequila and a lot of friendly times.  We are excited to finally share this co-creation with you.




Who is Options™

Patrick Pruyn.  Born on January 30, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea.  Currently living in Brooklyn, NY.  Designer by day, Options™ designer by night.  Avid snowboarder and basketball enthusiast.

Timothy Jaw.  Born in Palo Alto, California.  Currently living in New York, NY.  Timmy met Patrick back in 2012 at a house party in San Francisco.  He showed Patrick his sneaker collection, and they bonded over style and fashion.  7 years later, they put their efforts together and launched Options™ in 2019.