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A Short Story: What’s in a good pair?

Written by Natalia Trejo

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Finding the right pair of utility shorts is no easy mission. The length has to be just right for my petite frame. The shape needs to be flattering for my body type, and the look should be aesthetically pleasing. All that aside from being, well, functional. At least that’s what I tell myself when I’m on the hunt for a pair of good ol’ shorts.

For me, it’s about finding a wardrobe hero for when I want to look semi put together without trying too hard or more like when I’m hardly trying. In a recount of my most worn summer pieces, shorts were in heavy rotation. Whether I was lounging at home, needing to do a quick grocery run, or simply stepping out for a mentally-induced walk at the park, shorts were at the top of my grab-and-go pieces.

Versatility is key. Utility shorts are no good to me if I can’t wear them to more than one function – whether that be attending an industry event or pulling on some weekend fits. Comfort is another key element. Actually, it’s the key element. What good is a pair of shorts if they’re not comfortable? No good, I tell ya, no good at all.

Moreover, utility refers to useful or of service, meaning I expect these shorts to come in handy at all times – especially for outdoor activities in which I don’t want to lose my sense of style. Yes, these shorts will give me all the flexibility I need for walking, jumping, running – you name it! But they should also check off the box for cute, you know?

So you see, a pair of utility shorts will save you from the age-old ‘nothing to wear’ phrase whenever an unexpected event – say a camping trip or an afternoon of nothing to do comes up. All I can say is it’s a valuable piece to have in your closet.

Source: Bianca Nieves

Source: Max Repin for Jaw x Jawshop®