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Hot Like Summer

Silver. A very underrated color. Not quite white, but classic and light enough to pair with an all white outfit and different enough to not have you looking so sporty and full on country club.

The natural beauty of silver can make any athletic or chic inspired outfit pop. Whether it's silver shorts with a white top, white socks, and white sneakers, or even silver shorts, with your favorite blazer, no socks, and a pair heels; we are big fans.

Source: Farrah Fawcett

Of course on the more colorful spectrum there is always the classic black top and silver shorts, but we actually recommend going with something a bit more relaxed and refined instead. Try pairing silver shorts with a blue top: whether it be a rich navy tee or tank like Farrah Fawcett or a blue mesh pinnie layered over your favorite blank or graphic tee. The blue and silver combo is more casual, but still screams look at me I'm well put together.

Again, silver. Not a color most would choose, but very season-less and timeless nonetheless. A perfect color to transition us seamlessly from summer to winter.

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