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What is the All-Utility Short?

For the past month and a half I’ve been wearing shorts and no shirt every single day. When I have to step out I slip on some socks and a shirt and hit the town. When I get home, I shower and change into another pair of shorts and go right back into comfort.

How do I do it? The perfect pair of shorts, or All-Utility Shorts (AUS).

The key to the All-Utility Short, or Utility Short (US) for short is that it has to be above the knee. However with the trend going back toward the 90s I’ve realized how nice basketball style shorts can be, which quite possibly could lead to a new category of AUS'. From an athletic and aesthetic standpoint I still prefer the look of knee length or shorter as it screams fast and sporty to me, and who doesn't like looking fast. The purpose of an All-Utility Short is mainly style and comfort. Flexibility and no cares given also define these shorts as well. This means the best AUS' are lightweight, confidence boosting, and pragmatic.

You need a short that goes with you in every situation, every moment without sacrificing sloppiness or style. Whether it’s laying in bed, running errands, headed to a function, or going for a swim, run, hike, or bike. These shorts need to carry you through the day no matter what you have planned. Think of them as the Lululemon tights of shorts. The perfect Saturday short for the short lover. Ready to wake up, work out, meet up with friends, get lunch, Netflix, chill, party, and Citibike around the city in. Because of their options, these shorts have been and are the future.

The big question is are we a fan of the liners? More to come...

*Disclaimer: Utility Shorts can and typically should be used for athletic purposes only, but we prefer to wear them for athletic capabilities and comfort.

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