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Black is Back

Growing up I never liked black. Black shoes, black clothing, black cars. To me it took the fun out of getting dressed, eliminating the characteristics and visibilities of the shoe or clothing designs.

It wasn't until I moved to New York that black became more of a thought as part of my wardrobe. I’ve heard it described as elegant and chic, but for me it's always been about simplicity.

The beauty of black is that it is simple, easy, timeless and elegant. But most importantly it is wearable, and the more I played around with the color the more I loved it.

For me it started with:

1. Black socks, high or low, black socks allowed my wildly colored shoes to pop and stand out.

2. Then came the black tees, which matched everything I wore and made getting dressed a lot easier.

3. And finally came the black bottoms: jeans and shorts; which is what I think is the balance point of an outfit.

The versatility of black bottoms is that it allows you to go all black, top to bottom (the creme de la creme), or act as a buffer between your shirt and your footwear choices. It can accent the garments up top while still looking chic, but still also neutralize or tie in your footwear choices.

Now occasionally I’ll do the all black head to toe, but as a person who loves color too much, I find black is a great color to balance or accentuate other pieces in my outfit. Which is why when we released our All-Utility Short - Tennis in Black, we wanted to make them our most affordable short yet.


Featured: Paige Victoria Smith in Options™ Wild Cherry Hooded Sweatshirt and Jaw x Jawshop® All-Utility Short - Tennis

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